Meet Our Staff

Lauren Bakken

Laurens CaricatureAll my life I have been passionate about numbers but it took me a while to figure out that I loved accounting and I’m damn good at, too.  It’s something that you either love or hate, right?  I’m sure most of you hate it.  To you, I say, “Thank you!”  Without you, I wouldn’t have this business.  When I’m not rescuing my clients from Accounting Hell, I’m working out to P90X3, hiking and walking in the woods, reading, doing Sudoku (it’s the numbers thing, love it), camping, or vacationing in Key West.  I’ll probably never retire entirely, because you know what they say… “Old Accountants never die, they just lose their balance!”



Elizabeth Bergstrom

Elizabeths Caricature

When I am not spending my time making your accounting dreams a reality, I’m probably talking about a new and fascinating accounting topic with Lauren (seriously). I knew from early on that I wanted to be an accountant; I enjoy solving a problem knowing that there is only one answer to it and it can be verified many ways. I’m one of the rare, and I mean rare, 20 something’s that loves numbers and I truly enjoy doing the things you probably hate – such as accounting and taxes! When my attention is not focused on your business’s wellbeing, it’s probably focused on a good book, or my cats (or both).



 Laurie-Ann Bonn

LAs Caricature

To the penny! I guess that best describes the way I like it. I get excited when a bank statement is reconciled exactly.  I’m sure I get that from my parents, my Dad, a Methods Analyst and my Mom, a Bookkeeper as well! I have worked for Bakken CPA for 12 years now and love being part of the team. When I’m not keeping your books in order, spending time with my family makes me happiest; they are number one in my eyes. I also enjoying gardening and photography.