Six Things You Should Do For Your Small Business

Set some time aside in the new year to help improve your small business and use these tips to do it.

  1. Grow Your Network – Get out of the office and meet new people. Email or call potential clients and see if they are willing to grab a coffee with you. If there’s someone in your industry that you have always wanted to meet, take them out to lunch to get to know each other. Owning a small business requires a lot of time, if you can’t find time to get away from your desk, improve your social networking.
  2. Refresh Your Website – If you don’t have a website, you should consider building one. If you already have a website, make sure it is easy to navigate through, and your contact information should be easy to find. Being a small business, prospective clients will most likely look you up on the internet before calling you, so make sure your website promotes you in the best light.
  3. Assess Your Goals – It’s a good idea to have a list of goals you’d like to accomplish for your small business throughout the year. Revisit these goals frequently to make sure you’re completing them and reassess them a needed. Consider asking your clients for feedback too; you can adjust how you do business in the future to keep your customers happy and achieve your goals.
  4. Get Your Staff On Track – Take time yearly to meet with your staff one on one. Go over their performance and suggest ways to improve and reach their own goals.
  5. Automate Your Business – Things like emails with coupons that go out to clients regularly can be automated pretty easily. Your current email software (or fairly inexpensive websites) can help you set up email blasts that can get your name in front of your customer with less effort from you.
  6. Get Away From It All – Be sure at some point in the year to take a break. Go on a vacation, recharge your batteries and when you get back to work with a clear mind, you’ll be more productive!

Taking the time to add to your client list, revamp your look, and refresh your staff can only benefit your business. So get started today!

Are you too busy to do your books?


Are you too busy to do your books? Isn’t it time you hire someone to do it for you?

We are your outsourced accounting service for your business.  Outsourced bookkeeping /accounting is meant to replace the in-house or contracted bookkeeper who is not trained to provide excellent top-quality bookkeeping.  We are!  We will provide Back-office Business process outsourcing (BPO) that is not within a client’s core competencies.  Our accounting division will provide a solution to the following questions:

  • Do you hate doing your books?  Come on, really?!!
  • Has your company grown to the point where you need more than a part-time bookkeeper?
  • Do  you need a bookkeeper and are thinking of having an office manager do it who will potentially mess it up?
  • What if from this moment on you’d never have to deal with your accounting system again?